2014 :
The PMH group becomes Parisot’s majority shareholder. Windhurst Industrie and the Parisot family passes on the company leadership to ten company managers, along with FD Poitrinal.
A 19 million euros investment plan is launched over all french and international production sites.

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2011 : Parisot Group joins Windhurst Industries Group.

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t 2002 : Groupe Jacques Parisot becomes the Parisot Group.

2002 showroom

Opening of  The Show Room in Lognes.

1990 5 frères Parisot
The five sons of the founder Jacques Parisot :
Max, Michel, François, Jean-Claude and Jean-Pierre.

1988 : Parisot HQ established in Dunkirk.

1984 : SDF (Sièges de France) founded in Berteaucourt (in the Somme département).

1983 : Parisot Group formed following the death of Franck Dumeste.

1981 :
ANAVIL established in Hong Kong.

1983 article de presse

1969 :
Founding of Compagnie Française du Panneau (CFP), manufacturer of particleboards.

1960 : The Company has 302 employees.

1951 historique

1952 :
Jacques Parisot’s company changes its articles of association.

Following the war there is new impetus in the furniture industry in Loup. A thousand people are employed in this sector, in over ten factories including: Archambault, Detrait, Sonnet, Usines Réunies, Lagirarde, Dupain and Parisot. The Jacques Parisot Company has 50 employees and changes its articles of association, becoming a limited company, “Meubles et Décorations Jacques Parisot".

1941 équipe

1945 : Creation of the MVM in Mattaincourt

Jacques Parisot and Franck Dumeste go into partnership to purchase a factory in Hymont making hoops and curved beech items. This factory has a sawmill. They manufacture wooden kitchen cabinets, which then go to Paris to be varnished.

1936 usine

t1936 : Launch of the Jacques Parisot Company

Before creating his own company, Jacques Parisot works in the Cholley-Archambault Company in Saint Loup-sur-Semouse until he is 29. He meets Franck Dumeste.

1939 dessin 2

In 1936, Jacques Parisot, a graduate from the Ecole de Boulle, founds his own company. He creates modern furniture by combining the principles of traditional manufacture with new production techniques. This unit’s exceptional success leads the J. Parisot Company to become firmly involved in the industrial manufacture of furniture. His creative and innovative spirit and talent as a designer enable him to offer clients the possibility of selecting a style for a personalised interior. With his team of a dozen people, he manufactures furniture at the factory at the station in Saint-Loup-sur-Semouse.

1947 ancien meuble



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