Our human resources policy

In our human resources policy we give priority to:
- Listening to and exchanging with our employees.
- Encouraging closeness
- Enhancing cultural diversity
- Sharing, communicating and working in a team
- Developing individual and collective performances
- Inciting corporate social responsibility.
- Protecting our employees with an actively enforced HSE plan (Health, Safety and Environment).
- Stimulating dialogue with our social partners.

These commitments enable us to be all each day, in a united way, actors of our development.

Our paths to integration

From their arrival in the company, our new employees take advantage of an integration process which is adapted to their profile. It is a key-phase in the success of our recruitments.

This process takes place in two phases:
-The first phase of discovery aims to present our environment, our organization and our teams, but also to share our know-how, our values and our concerns.
-The second phase of professional appropriation aims to guide the new employee in taking on their new responsibilities, also through a special training process of the profession concerned.

A tutor is also named for the purpose of helping the new employee to succeed in their professional immersion.
An individual follow-up is also ensured by the manager throughout the process. It enables to adapt the different modules to meet the needs of the new employee.

Our training management throughout the career

The company invests in training for the purpose of guiding its employees in the evolution of organizational and structural modes of their functions.

We focus on three major objectives:
- Raising our talents level for more pro-activity and performance
- Facilitating the acquisition of new knowledge or know-how in view of adapting ourselves to new technologies.
- Encouraging versatility with the aim of making our organizations flexible and developing the skills of our employees.

Our axis of training are the following ones:
- The support of the professional training preparation of CAP, professional or general BAC, DUT, BTS or engineers, by taking on interns throughout the year in design, marketing, logistics, production management, industrial maintenance, electronics etc.
- The commitment to adaptation trainings or skills development: training programmes linked to our production professions (automated line management, adjustment of packing chains etc.), safety, environment, methods, administration, management training, etc.

Intern mobility

Also counting on the company potentials, we enhance intern mobility. In this respect, and to guide our employees in the evolution of their missions or of their responsibilities, we also put emphasis on specific immersion processes as well as the deployment of training actions needed for the success of the new functions.



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